Zastava AK Stock Adapter Block attaches to the slant cut Receiver of the Zastava style AK-47 variants and will also fit the Zastava M77 allowing the use of an M70 wooden butt stock. Due to the inconsistent angle cutting of these receivers adapter fit may vary. The bolt included with this adapter replaces the original 6" M70 stock bolt.

Precision CNC Machined from 6061-T6 Aluminum
MIL-A-8625 Type III Hardcoat Anodizing
US Made

Zastava Original PAP M92/M85 Krinkov Style Muzzle Device #CW1007

Original Equipment Krinkov style muzzle Brake that makes your PAP M92/M85 Pistol look authentic! In addition to looking awesome, these factory OEM muzzle devices serve a dual purpose by collecting propellant gas to aid in the cycling of the pistol action. 26mm LH threads will fit PAP M92 PV & PAP M85 PV, NP Pistols. Condition: New.…

Yugo/Zastava M70 Quad Rail System #E50402

Yugo/Zastava M70 Quad Rail System. Will not work on M92/M85 Zastava Pistols.…


Yugoslavian AK Stock Adapter Block Fits the Serbian made Zastava N-PAP, O-PAP, and Mitchell Arms M70/M90, as well as all other Yugo AK's with the original no tang stock interface. This adapter block has been specifically releived to fit the NPAP rifle and also has two additional stock mounting threaded holes for added adjustibility. This will allow use of the ACE, Tromix, and DPH Arms style butt stocks and accessories using the standard two bolt pattern.

Precision CNC Machined from 6061-T6 Aluminum
MIL-A-8625 Type III Hardcoat Anodizing
US Made

YHM TJ Competition Q.D.S. Sights #YH1002

This Yankee Hill Machine's Quick Deploy Sight System is emblazoned with the Todd Jarrett Strike Force logo and features an automatic deploy system that springs the sight up with the push of a button. Both front and rear sights lock positively in the folded and deployed positions and are made from aircraft quality aluminum and hardcoated to military specifications. The front sight mounts on the same plane as the rear sight and uses standard hardware. The front sight features a hooded stem. The rear sights uses standard AR sight hardware (included). When folded the sights measure just .435 inches from the top of the rail.…

Vertical Charging Handle Installation Service #B81049VS

Send us your Bolt Carrier and we will install the Galil Style Vertical Charging Handle on it for you. These charging handles will be TIG welded on to your bolt carrier. This is a permanent change to your bolt carrier and includes the charging handle and black Durabake re-finish.…

UTG PRO AR15 Ops Ready S3 Butt Stock Assembly (Mil-Spec) Black #

UTG PRO AR15 Ops Ready S3 Butt Stock Assembly (Mil-Spec) Black #E32020A...see more

Assembly comes as pictured with butt stock, buffer tube, double sling mount receiver end plate and castle nut. This is exactly what you need to complete your conversion using one of our PK1008, PK1011, PK1012 or PK1018 adapters.

Built for Heavy-duty Use with the Tightest Tolerance Controls to Provide the Most Secure Fit and Function
• Mil-spec Stock Molded from Impact Resistant High-strength Polymer in Black
• Built-in Rubberized Butt Pad and a Slanted Cheek Rest Enhances Shooting Stability and Promotes Consistent Firearm Control
• Integral Ambidextrous Sling Loop and QD Sling Swivel Housing for Left or Right Handed Shooters
• Unique 6.05" Length and Sub Compact Profile for superior lightweight, yet comfortable performance with 6 position adjustability - Combine with our Super Slim Handguards for a Superior Firearm Handling Experience
• Snag Free Performance with Fully Dehorned Corners and Melted Contours for Increased Comfort
• Includes Polymer Stock Only

• Proudly Designed and Made in USA

USGI Grease Gun Magazine Dust Cover #B86021

USGI Grease Gun Magazine Dust Cover…

USGI Canvas GP Tactical Slings #B84020

USGI Canvas GP Tactical Slings

U.S. Government issue with 2 metal hooks on either end and is adjustable from 29" to 47". Makes a great carry strap for firearms, bags or canteens.

Color: O.D. Green.

Canvas strap hooks and buckle may have green tarnish that can be removed with vinegar.…

US Saiga 7.62x39/.223 Tri-Rail Aluminum Hand Guard #BM1031

US Saiga 7.62x39/.223 Tri-Rail Aluminum Hand Guard…

US Made Semi Auto Hammer #B81128

These US made semi auto hammers are great for replacing out on a worn out US made trigger group. This is a lot less expensive then buying a whole new set. High quality heat treated with black finish. Works with both single and double hook triggers. Counts as one US made part.…

US Made Selector Stop #B51049

These selector stops are brand new and US Made. Comes with magazine catch area CNC machined to the proper height.…

US Made AK47 Slant Type Brake 1/14LH #AK1006

Tapco US Made AK47 Slant Type Brake 1/14 LH…

US Galil Style Hand Guard AKM  Type #AT1002

US Galil Style Hand Guard AKM Type…

Two Point One point Advanced Tactical CQB Sling - Black #E50403

This advanced two point one point advanced tactical CQB sling can be used to have the rifle rest in front of you or on your side. A single point sling can be very advantageous for tactical purposes, making your rifle readily available in front of your chest. 1pt sling operation is good for tactical applications such as tactical reloads, acquiring a fast sight picture, having both your hands free for use and having your rifle readily available in front of you, or disengaging your weapon if need be and transitioning to your secondary sidearm. You can quickly transition to 2pt sling feature by unfastening the hook and attaching to the front rifle sling adaptor on your rifle. Disengage your rifle from single point mode quickly by pulling on the lanyard on the ms2 style adaptor which will open the hook and release your weapon. Quickly adjust the tension and length by using the loop handle and moving it down to loosen, and up to tighten and bring the rifle closer to your chest. Completely versatile 2pt to 1pt sling for your tactical applications.

•Black Color.

•Operator 2PT-1PT Sling.

•1.25" Heavy Duty High Strength Ballistic Nylon Straps.

•Polymer MS3 Style Hook Adaptors.

•QD Locking Buckles.

•Adjustment Loop For Tension And Length.

Tula AK74 Plum #B81199

Russian Tula AK74 Plum 30 Round Magazine Good Condition

Cannot be sold to states that restrict high capacity magazines, please check your local laws before purchasing.…

Tote Bags #DFO04

Tote Bags 16" W x 15"L…

Tapco AK T6 Stock, Stamped Receiver - Dark Earth  #AT1014DE

Tapco INTRAFUSE® AK T6 Stock allows you six positions to work with so that it always feels as if it was custom made for you. On top of this, we've made sure that the stock and the tube are both constructed of the highest strength composite available so any worries about damage can be cut to zero. So next time you pick up your AK and realize that it doesn't feel quite as comfortable as it should, do yourself a favor and get an INTRAFUSE ® AK T6 Stock.

*Will not fit slant cut or milled MAK-90™s. If you’re putting this on a straight cut, stamped MAK-90, some filing will be required to achieve a perfect fit.…

TAPCO AK SAW Style Pistol Grip - Black #AT1012

The AK SAW Style Pistol Grip is designed to have a more ergonomic angle and increased width to not only increase comfort but allow you to have more control over your rifle and also a look influenced by the M249 SAW. The grip, made of high strength composite, houses a storage compartment inside for any spare tools or cleaning supplies you might want to take with you while adding a U.S. made part.…

Tapco AK Gas Piston #AT1001

US TAPCO AK Gas Piston with 74 spacer…

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