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Quick Draw Convertible 2/1 point Sling - Tan #JY1030T

This advanced two point one point advanced tactical CQB sling can be used to have the rifle rest in front of you or on your side. A single point sling can be very advantageous for tactical purposes, making your rifle readily available in front of your chest. 1pt sling operation is good for tactical applications such as tactical reloads, acquiring a fast sight picture, having both your hands free for use and having your rifle readily available in front of you, or disengaging your weapon if need be and transitioning to your secondary sidearm. You can quickly transition to 2pt sling feature by unfastening the hook and attaching to the front rifle sling adaptor on your rifle. Quickly adjust the tension and length by using the loop handle and moving it down to loosen, and up to tighten and bring the rifle closer to your chest. Completely versatile 2pt to 1pt sling for your tactical applications.

•Black Color.

•Operator 2PT-1PT Sling.

•1" Heavy Duty High Strength Ballistic Nylon Straps.

•Metal Hook Adaptors.

•Adjustment Loop For Tension And Length.

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