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The ALG Defense AK Trigger Enhanced with Lightning Bow is one of the best upgrades available for your AK pattern rifle. Providing a pull that is significantly shorter and more smooth than the stock trigger, it is ideal for use whether you're plinking at the range or in need for a combat trigger. Machined from triple alloy steel with a durable manganese phosphate finish, the AKT features the Lightning Bow, offering a very comfortable pull with enhanced control. Every ALG Defense AKT is made 100% in the United States and counts as 3 parts toward 922(r) compliance.


* - ALG Defense AKT 05-326
* - Machined from alloy steel
* - Enhanced trigger pull and control
* - Curved lightning bow
* - Single stage design
* - Three 922r compliant parts
* - Made in the U.S.A.
* - Compatible with most AK-47's

This trigger is designed to work with most rifles without fitment. Some models have a rear trigger guard rivet that may interfere with trigger function and damage the disconnector if this rivet extends more than 0.062" in height. It is strongly advised that a qualified gunsmith install and fit the trigger by either beveling the disconnector or shaving the rivet for proper fitment.